"Simplicity is the outcome of technical subtlety. It is the goal, not the starting point." 

Maurice Saatchi

Before you make the decision to hire us, we suggest doing a Google search. Start by searching for the sites of a few companies that you know have enough money to pay a top website designer. Go to those sites and spend some time there.

There is a good chance these sites were built with Wordpress. This is a website building tool that requires a great deal of skill and education to use. Do you notice a pattern with these sites? Do they all seem to have the same design in common?

Is this what you want from your site? Or do you want the freedom and control to take your vision of a website and make it exactly the way you want it without needing a degree in web design to do it?

We don’t use Wordpress for our websites. We use a website builder called Wix. It is such a flexible tool, and it allows you to easily create any content and design you wish. From a simple one page site, to several pages and links, with a variety of applications, we can build a website that completes your vision.