In Defense of Using Wix Website Builder

In my research to write this blog post, I discovered that in addition to some great articles on why you should use Wix to build your website, there are also a few that tell you why you shouldn’t use it. I’d like to address these statements now.

Most of the writers of these blog posts stating that you shouldn’t use Wix are actually website designers who use Wordpress to build their sites, so it goes without saying that they don’t want you to build your own site. So why am I encouraging you to use Wix? Well, I’m really not. I just want to explain why Wix is a good tool for website building, but not necessarily for everybody. I am of the opinion that it really should be left up to the professionals, but there is nothing wrong with a professional using Wix.

The first reason you should not use Wix is that it is easy to build a website with it. It is also easy to build a crappy website with it, if you have never built a website before. The argument is a valid one, in a way. If you own a cookie baking business, I feel it is best to stick with cookies and not attempt to build a website. We, on the other hand, own a website building business, and we just happen to use Wix.

Other arguments include cost. Some people believe that Wix’s price points for their Premium Plans are towards the high end. However, once you’ve had a chance to experience what Wix’s platform is capable of creating, you might change your mind and start to see the cost as actually quite reasonable.

Consider if you decide not to use Wix and get your own hosting services, this will cost you from $4 – $6 per month for basic shared services. Furthermore, you will need to purchase your own domain name which will cost you from $10 – $12 per year.

With the VIP, eCommerce, Unlimited and Combo plans, Wix gives you a free domain name of your choice for the first year.

But more importantly you should consider how much time it will cost you to figure everything out.

If you build your own website (not using services provided by Wix), you will then have to deal with all the technical aspects of things, such as getting your website linked to your host, worrying about security updates, designing your own website (you won’t get the professional Wix themes), and learning how to populate your site with content as you won’t have access to Wix’s drag & drop tools.

Basically, you’ll need to figure out how to build a website from scratch and this can be quite challenging if you aren’t technical. Wix includes all these services in their plans, which frees up your time for more important things.

But back to the fact that even though Wix is easy to use, there is more to building a website than just building a website. Even if you felt compelled to tackle a website with Wix, you still have to deal with things like analytics, SEO, and keyword structure. Don’t know what any of those are? Then you probably shouldn’t be tackling building your own website.

Some websites I read stated several reasons you shouldn’t use Wix that are just plain falsities. Here are some examples:

1. You often only get one page. FALSE. With Wix, you can create as many pages as you want.

2. The website templates look alike. FALSE. Wix has thousands of beautiful and unique templates, and if you can’t find a template you like, you can design your own from scratch.

3. No custom domain names. FALSE. While it is true that if you use Wix’s free service, your website name will be, when you choose a premium plan, you not only get to choose your own custom domain name (if that name is available), like, but if you pay for a year of hosting, you get the first year domain registration for free.

4. No access to data and metrics. FALSE. With Wix, you are able to link your account to Google analytics, as well as other tracking tools to help gauge how well your site is performing.

5. Ads on your website. FALSE (sort of). If you are using Wix’s free service, there is a pretty prominent ad for Wix on the lower right hand corner and upper right hand corner, but the only ad you will see on your page is an ad for Wix. I think given the fact that they are allowing you to have a free website, that is a fair exchange. And on all but one premium plan, there are no Wix ads.

6. Bad customer service. FALSE. Wix has some of the best customer service in the industry. Between great videos, phone support, and knowledge base, Wix’s customer service can’t be beat.

7. These companies can disappear at anytime. TRUE! Any company can disappear at any time. But Wix has been around for over a decade, and some pretty influential companies use them, so I don’t see them going anywhere anytime soon. And who’s to say that Wordpress isn’t going to be replaced by something else somewhere down the line?

8. No site building tools. FALSE. Double FALSE. Wix has awesome site building tools.

9. Vulnerable to hacking attempts. FALSE. Wix’s security is top notch, and they have a very good track record. While no company is completely protected against hacking (think Equifax) Wix has some great security in place.

10. There are no backups. FALSE. That is actually the joy of using Wix. They keep a backup of your site. In fact, they create restore points, so that if you mess up your site beyond repair, you can just tell Wix to revert your site to an earlier version and BOOM, no more messed up site.

11. No support for mobile devices. FALSE. Wix enables you to edit your website to not only look good on a desktop, but to optimize your site to look good on a tablet or phone as well.

12. No branded email. FALSE. For a small extra monthly fee (and we know the secret to getting around that fee), you can have your email (or whatever you choose) with Wix.

13. No contact forms or email forwards. FALSE. One of the many apps you can get for free from their app market is a contact form, which, when filled out by the site visitor, gets sent directly to your personal email inbox.

Let’s end at 13. You get the idea. Remember the old phrase, it must be true because I read it on the internet. That’s a joke, of course.

And of course, there are some things about Wix that aren’t perfect, but you’re going to get that everywhere you go. But for the money, this is a website building platform you just can’t beat.

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