My First Social Media Management Customer

My first experience with social media management came from a woman named Celeste. She is the owner of CelestialSews, a company in Southern Vermont that makes, among other things, gorgeous handmade bags, like gift bags, laundry and duffel bags. She can make them in just about any fabric.

I actually met Celeste while I was working for my previous company, Senior Circuit. Even during the time when I was involved in teaching senior citizens how to use computers, I was acutely aware of the importance in social media for business. At the time it was for my business, but my business mentor, Annette, from BROC Community Action, who helped me write my business plan, and Shelley, also from BROC, thought it would be great if I would take what I had learned and teach it to others. I began teaching Social Media for Business in October 2015, and during a presentation in Bennington, I met Celeste, who at the time was going through a program I had just completed.

It is called the IDA (Individual Development Account) program, and it focuses on preparing people for running their businesses, both by matching $500 the participant places in an account over one year with $1000 from BROC, which they can access at the end of the year for business purposes, and also requires them to attend six 2-hour classes relating to how to run their businesses.

Apparently Celeste took my information to heart, because she started a Pinterest and a Facebook page for her business right after the class. She found, however, given the visual nature of her business, that Pinterest was really the best platform for her. So over the next 2 years she created several boards and began posting pictures of her products on the boards, often leading back to her Etsy page.

I was actually still in business with Senior Circuit when Annette told me that Celeste was interested in having me take over her Pinterest posts for her. Celeste lives 2 hours from me, but one day in September, she drove up and we met at Panera Bread to hammer out the details of the deal.

It turned out that she and I have a lot in common, and as she was telling me about her interests, and the boards she had created, I realized that I had a great interest in almost every one of hers. We decided that her boards needed more content than just items she had for sale, which she realized was “spamming”, and wanted to give her boards more personality. I let her know that this was my first time doing this kind of thing, and we agreed it would be a learning experience for us both.

I post to Celeste’s Pinterest page every weekday. I do three things on her page each of those days, such as repinning other peoples’ pins, finding outside content to give an original pin, or following other pinners or one or more of their boards. I have transformed her boards, pinning more than just her products.

I have a list of every board she has, and have reorganized her boards, deleting, consolidating, and adding some. I keep a list of boards, and I know which boards will be posted to on which days. I post at all different times of the day and evening, and I don’t use any social media management tools, all pins are organic. It has worked out well for the past 2 months, and she says that business has picked up exponentially, and feels it can’t be a coincidence that it happened right after I started doing her pinning for her. I even helped her run an ad on her Facebook page, and post to that page once a week for her.

After doing her pinning for about a month, I told her I felt she could really benefit from a website. She wasn’t quite ready for a full fledged website, so I created a blog for her. Together we create a blog post once a week. We have come up with some pretty good stuff. She writes not just about her business, but about how to succeed in business and life in general.

Last week she called me and told me she was ready for a website. She’s driving up next week so we can talk more about it. I’m very much looking forward to putting together a website for her.

I highly recommend you check out her Etsy page, and her blog. You can also check out her testimonial here.

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