Okay, So I'm Tooting My Own Horn

I spend a lot of time on the internet, and see a lot of business’ websites. There are many of them that make me cringe. Terrible colors, hard to navigate, space where there should be something. Something where there should be space. Words misspelled, links that go nowhere, I’d like to say it is fairly easy to spot a website that somebody created themselves. Unfortunately, I know that many of these sites were done by paid web designers.

I don’t mean to put anybody down, but I think if you are going to charge someone thousands of dollars to build a website, it should be a quality one. If you visit my websites, I think it will be apparent that I am a perfectionist who really knows about style. That combination is important in a website designer.

If you actually spend some time on the pages of my website, you will read that I try to keep my sites simple and not cluttered. I put a lot of thought into the placement of objects, buttons, menus, etc. I write that I have visited several sites that belong to the bigger companies who can afford to pay a top designer, and I try to stay away from those designs, because to me they mostly all look the same. But on many of those sites you could tell that the designer was a perfectionist who really knew about style.

Did I ever tell you I have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology? That’s nice, Linda, you say, but what does that have to do with your ability to produce a top quality website? Well, I’m here to tell you why.

I think the reason I am so good at web design is because I really take the time to get to know my clients, and it’s almost like I can get into their heads to see their vision for the design of their website. And in most cases, I’ve found that people know exactly what they want their site to look like, they just need the right guidance to get the vision out of their heads and onto the screen.

I think one thing a lot of web designers lack is the ability to communicate with their clients. My experience in the field of psychology has taught me that the two most important thing you can do when getting to know somebody is ask questions and listen carefully to the answer.

I recently had a client tell me that the prototype design I had created for their site was “them”. Basically that meant I spent enough time with them and listened to what they had to say, and chose the design based on what they told me, and I was so on the same wavelength with them that I was able to take their vision and make it my guide.

If you are looking for somebody to help you get that vision out of your head and create the website of your dreams, I feel you would be making the right choice by hiring me. If you are looking for a website that actually looks like a professional created it, I feel you would be making the right choice by hiring me.

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