The Importance of Print Design for Your Business

I used to own a print design and resume writing business. It started out mostly resumes, but I quickly realized that given the unemployment rate of 4% in our state, resumes weren’t exactly a hot item. I also realized how much I enjoyed desktop publishing. This was the first time I would honestly call myself an artist.

I got out of that business when I realized that even though I was good at resume writing, I was having a hard time collaborating with my clients on what exactly the resume was that was going to get them a job. I consider myself somewhat of a specialist at job searching, since I had done so much of it in my days of working for others. But what I found was that my clients already had a vision of what they wanted their resume to look like, even if it wasn’t functional. I found myself declaring the final draft of the resume something that the client liked, but also secretly declaring the final product a nightmare.

Fast forward five years. I had gotten out of the design business for a more scientific occupation. I decided to take my knowledge of computers and my love of working with the older population and form a company that taught senior citizens how to use computers.

It turned out to be a successful venture. But I think the part of this business that ended up being the most fun for me was designing and maintaining the company’s website and print material. As much as I enjoyed working one on one and giving presentations on technology topics to seniors, I knew this was not my destiny.

In the time I owned Senior Circuit, LLC, I created at least five websites for other personal ventures. Many of them never even went live, but I just had so much fun building, learning, and creating what I believe are beautiful pieces of art. To me, a finished website is indeed a work of art.

When I decided to close that business, I knew my next venture would be something involving the arts. I had just finished a website for my neighbor, C and C Fireworks, when I decided this was what I wanted to do full time. Thus, Debutant Web Design was formed.

I was the mastermind behind the name, I designed the logo, built the website, and created business cards and brochures.

My first official client with Debutant wasn’t even to build a website. Celeste of CelestialSews wanted help with social media management and blogging. But after three months of watching her sales soar and attributing that to my work

on her Pinterest page and blog page, she did decide to build an e-commerce website. We recently finished it and are set to go live with it this week.

While I realize that a website is, in my opinion, the single most important thing you can have to advertise your business, print marketing is still very important. In this age of technology, many people want to be able to pick up something tangible and read it. They want to have something they can later toss in the top drawer of their desk, and every time they open that drawer, they are reminded of your business.

I have been asked by a number of companies to create their logos, business cards, and brochures for them. I have had such a wonderful time doing it.

I think in the future I may offer a full package that includes not only web design but also all the print design you are going to need to go with it, so you can cover all your marketing and advertising bases.

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