Take Advantage of Our Free Marketing Management Checkup

When I started Debutant Web Design, my original intention was to offer web design, logo design, and social media management. Hence the name. But I am realizing that I have really cut myself short by just calling myself a web design company. As I begin to get more customers, I’m finding that their needs are so much more far reaching than just web design. As I see their businesses growing, I’m also seeing my own grow.

I’m not just talking about growing with more clients, but my clients are coming to me needing far more than just a website or social media.

I see their need for quality printed material such as brochures and business cards. Many of them have gone through a traditional designer and printer and paid far more than they needed to. I’m not saying there is no practical use for these designers and printers. Just not for businesses who are just starting out and can’t really afford to do that.

They need help establishing a brand identity and making sure they are utilizing as much free advertising as is available. There are lots of ways a business can get their name out to the public, and many of them are free. There are also ways of advertising that will cost money, and businesses often don’t know which ways to use to get the most bang for their buck.

Many of these businesses already have websites. They hired another designer to build it and then decided they weren’t satisfied with some aspect of the building process or perhaps the site itself. Many of these sites were started in Wix, the platform I use to build my sites.

Many of them were started by the business owners themselves, and were not performing, so they were looking for ways to change that. Many business owners who started their websites soon realized they were in over their heads and were looking for somebody to finish the site for them or give them lessons on how to finish it themselves.

Basically, what they need is an all-encompassing marketing agency. Each time a client comes to me with a different marketing problem, I soon find I am helping them with that. And each time I do this, I am adding to my list of services.

I want to be your full-service marketing agency, not just your web designer. With that in mind I have come up with a new service that will greatly benefit my customers, and for the month of February I am offering it absolutely free. I call it the marketing management checkup.

When a client calls and requests a checkup, I will schedule an hour with them the following week. In that week I will do a full workup on their business. I will look at their current marketing efforts and give them suggestions on how they can improve all aspects of their marketing, not just their website and social media needs.

I will meet with the client for approximately an hour and give them all the information I have compiled and explain to them what they can do to fix any issues they are having with their marketing. I offer my services if that is what they decide to do.

I respect the fact that nobody is the expert of your business quite like you are. I don’t do cookie cutter marketing management. I listen to you, and with the combination of what I know about marketing and you know about your product, we will make a great team.

And I do this at a cost that gives you a great return on your investment. As a new company, I offer some of the lowest prices on our services. I even have a payment plan to fit your budget.

The truth is, if your business succeeds, so does mine. My job is to bring you more clients and to make sure people know who you are. Let me show you how I can do that.

Call today for your free checkup.

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