Website Support

Just like a house or a business, a website needs to be maintained. When things break, they need to be fixed. When it gets old, it needs to be updated. Website maintenance can be difficult and time consuming.

Most website owners just want their websites to work and not have to deal with the technical side of things. Our website maintenance and support packages let us keep your website working smoothly and give you a friendly resource for help, consulting, and support when you need it. If you're too busy to keep your website up-to-date, we can take care of adding content to your website on a regular basis.

You purchase a block of hours (1-20). The more hours you purchase the lower the hourly rate. Your unused hours never expire. There is no monthly fee or minimum time to use. When you need help, call us directly or submit your request via email or online support request form. We perform the work (typically 2-4 hours) and follow up with a task completion. We deduct the time from your purchased block of hours.